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Meet Us!

Thank you for checking out Simplify with Shannon. This first post will give you an idea of who I am and why I am the best person to help you organize and simplify your space and life. I love to organize. Always have, always will. Most of my days off include organizing something, whether its purging my closet to get a bag of donations out the door, or reorganizing my bookshelf, there's a pretty good chance you will find me organizing.

I like to organize, first of all, because cleaning and organizing is meditative to me. By organizing my space, I have control of something in a world where there are a lot of things out of our control. Through periodic purges of my closet (mostly clothes and books), I can make room for other things and rid myself of the things that no longer serve me.

When you organize, it doesn't just make it easier to find your keys or book that you borrowed from your friend, it can literally take away stresses from your life. Think about it: when you do laundry, do you fold your clothes right away or leave them in the basket on the floor and start to go through that pile everyday to find new clothes? If you do the ladder, as we can all admit, we do from time to time, we have a little stress in our lives from that pile of clothes. It's not about being anal all the time and constantly organizing and folding your clothes; it's about making sure everything in your home or workspace has a home and a place to go. The only person this location needs to make sense to is you and your household. For example, I leave my wallet near my bedroom exit. Why? Because I am switching bags constantly and its the only way I will remember that I always have it no matter what bag I grab on the way out the door.

Are you convinced I'm the best person to help you organize yet? If not, stay tuned, as I will continue to post at least weekly with tips and stories of getting organized and releasing stress.

Remember, when you call me to help with your organizing needs, we work together, I won't discard anything without your approval.

Together, we will find a place for everything and I will help you simplify your life!