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Decluttering 101: Setting Your Goal

Do you feel like you have a lot of stuff that you don't need? Do you feel like you can never find something when you are looking for it? Decluttering is the first step to organizing any space. It is the part that takes the longest, and can bring up a lot of dust, as well as emotions. You might be tackling a place that became the drawer, closet, or maybe even room where anything and everything can just end up.

Before you start your decluttering, set a goal. Why you ask? If you go in without some sort of goal, there is a pretty good chance you will throw away things you actually wanted to keep, or  keep everything because you just feel attached to it all.

How do you set your goal you ask?

It can be simple.

You want to be able to find things easier. You don't want to have things around that you don't need anymore. You want to clear and clean up your space so you can live a calmer, less cluttered life.

Maybe your goal is about how much to get rid of. Donate 5 bags of clothes, donate 3 boxes of books, 4 bags of trash, etc.. Whatever it may be.

Set your goal. It will make you accountable for having a successful, efficient de-cluttering. Maybe you set a goal to donate 5 bags of clothes, and by the end of the day you ended up with 10! What a great accomplishment. By focusing on your goal, you went above and beyond what you thought you would be able to part with.

Focus on your goal and start decluttering!