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The Black Hole: Storage

Ninety-nine percent of the time when we move things into storage - whether it is into a storage unit or your closet - it becomes a black hole and we eventually forget everything we packed away. We all know this is true.

Do you really know everything you have in storage - or more importantly - what box it is in?

I have three tips for packing things away:

Tip #1: Make it sensical for you.

This can be done in multiple ways. Perhaps you sort by year or phase in your life. You could also sort by type.

For example: I have one bin of my college memorabilia. Everything I decided to keep from college I placed into one container. I also have boxes of books - I love books, but I can't keep them all on my shelves in my current living situation, so I keep them all together so they are easy to find. You can even take it a step further - since I love books and organizing my boxes of books are arranged by genre - even easier for me to find. Go ahead - call me crazy - but to be fair, I did work at a bookstore for two years!

It is easy to mix up the way you organize your storage - as long as it makes sense to you.

Tip #2: Label everything.

Now you have sorted all of your boxes - whether it be storage containers or moving boxes (whichever works for you!) - you are thinking: "What did I just put in all of these boxes?" Instant black hole and having to open every box again.

This solution is simple: label everything. As always, there are multiple ways to do this. You can put everything that is in the box on the box somewhere. Make it visible for how you are packing the boxes away. Another way to label is to number the boxes. I did this when I moved. I numbered each box and listed what was in it on paper. Not everything was coming with me - some things were headed to a storage unit, so I needed to make sure that everything I needed would come with me.

Tip #3: Make all boxes easy to access.

I find that this tip is really dependent on your storage space. You should make your boxes easily accessible - or at least, easily moveable. You should stack similar boxes on top of each other or next to each other. Maybe you have an open space or maybe you are lucky and have shelves in your storage area. Having shelves is lucky because if the boxes are on shelves, they are SO EASY to get to and see. If you don't have shelves you organize your storage space - THE WAY IT WORKS FOR YOU!

Having room for storage is your home is great to put things away you don't need - for keepsakes or seasonal items.

Be conscious of what you are packing away.

Don't make it a solution for cleaning out your everyday spaces.

Your storage spaces should be just as organized and sensical as your home.

Treat organizing your storage space just as you would treat organizing your kitchen or living room.

Remember - DO. WHAT. WORKS. FOR. YOU.