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The Container What?

You've made the decision that its time to organize your space. Now your first step is to go to Target, Bed Bath & Beyond or The Container Store to buy all the awesome things that will help you organize, right?


It's fun to go look around and see whats available to help organize your space. To see your options - color, design, sizes, etc. - but this is the trap we all fall in to. We buy a ton of organizing "props" but then we get home and realize either: it doesn't fit, it's not working for what we envisioned it for, or we completely forget we bought it and it never gets touched.

If I shouldn't go to Target, then what do I do?

I'm sorry I broke your Target dreams (!), but the best thing to do to ensure your are buying the right things for you, is to start to organize your space.

Clear it out, throw it out, donate it, and then see where you end up. See what you were keeping there, what should be kept there and how to best organize the items you want to have there.

How do I know what will work?

Bottom line: you won't know what will work until you clean out your space and decide what it will be used for. Clean it out, sort what you want to put in that space, and start visualizing the best way to organize.

Ask yourself some questions:

  • Do I want to be able to see everything? Should I have drawers or shelves or a mix?
  • Does everything belong in this space that was here already?
  • Are there other things throughout the house that could go with these things?
    • Be careful with this question. Don't start going through your entire house to find everything that belongs in one spot. This can result in half completing organizing projects all over your home. Just use this question as a thought - do you know there are other things that may end up here as you start to organize your entire home?
  • Is it visually appealing to look at? Do I want it to be?

Now that you have done all of the cleaning out and deciding what you want your space to look like - I give you permission to go to all of the stores you want to. Go with a plan. Know what you are looking for or an idea of what you want to assist you in organizing your space. If it doesn't work when you get home - return it! Don't end up with a pile of organizing "solutions" that are just causing more clutter.

Good luck!