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Sorting the Mail

Does your mail always end up all over the counters and the mess becomes so overwhelming that you can never find anything. Your bills mixed in with junk mail and never having the coupons you want to use when you actually go to the store. Turn this:


Into this:


Here are some tips to make this work.

  1. Give each person a slot.
  2. Give action items a slot - bills, to do, file, etc.
  3. Sort the mail IMMEDIATELY.
  4. Throw out junk mail IMMEDIATELY.
  5. Shred anything with personal information in it.
  6. Ensure everyone in the house periodically cleans out their own slots.

What is the point of sorting through the mail but then no one goes through their pile?

Make the system work for you and your household.

Make it a habit.

If we don't make it a habit, the system will never work.


Good Luck!