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Brain Dump

Brain Dump: get rid of the clutter that fills all the empty space in your brain. I love a good brain dump.

It helps me communicate the millions of thoughts and to do list items that float in and out of my head throughout the day. Starting a brain dump habit can help release some stress from your life. It can help create space for new learning, and to help remember everything you want and need to do.

There are a few ways you can manage your brain dump - and there are two main questions to answer when deciding what will work for you.

How and when?


Electronic - you can keep a note in your phone to type into, or do voice recordings and save them on your phone. Whatever is easiest for you to use, and to know you need to check. Personally, I keep a note called "brain dump" on the notes app on my phone, and I type everything in there to get it out of my head.


Or how often? Depending on your life, your schedule, the way you operate, you can approach the when in many ways.

  1. As it happens. This is when you immediately think "I need to print my receipts so I can track my expenses by the end of the week." (I know this is a really detailed thought, and it may or may not happen in this way!) And then you brain dump. Put it on your list. Get the thought out of your head, don't stress about it.
  2. Daily. At the end of the day, you get your notepad, computer, or phone, and dump. Everything you can think of that may have crossed your mind that day, get it on paper. I recommend the end of the day, because who wants to go to sleep with a to do list in their head - that will keep you stirring all night.
  3. Weekly. Same as daily, just once a week instead!

You've finished your brain dump. Now what?

Now that you've gotten everything out of your head, what do you do with it. Again, depending on your best ways to work, it can vary. You can use that list as your To Do List. Thats your checklist. Maybe you set a deadline for everything and put it on your calendar. Maybe you categorize the items (business, financial, social, random, etc.)

Why is this beneficial?

Speaking from personal experience, I have found adding this into my routine so beneficial. I thrive off of to do lists, and some days, I have a million things stirring through my end. By the time I get to the end of my day, I forget those little tasks until the next day. Starting my brain dump allows everything to get on paper and out of my head. I go back at the end of the day and put it on my to do list and prioritize.

It makes me more efficient and productive and I think it could help you to. Make it what you need, but I encourage you to try it! Get the clutter out of your head, don't let silly tasks take up space in your brain, make room for more.