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Best Organizing Tips: #2


Over the next 10 posts - Simplify with Shannon will reveal the Top 10 Tips for Getting Yourself Organized. Some of them will be tangible, some will be tips for setting the right mindset when it comes to organizing.  Before we move on to Tip #2 - don't forget Tip #1 - Clear your mind to clear your space!

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Tip #2: Have a goal(s).


How can you define success in any capacity unless you are working towards a goal? The same rings true when it comes to getting organized. You can’t organize without a purpose or goal in mind - how will you know when you’ve accomplished what you set out to? Your goal can be anything! It can be simple -  “I can’t take it anymore! I can never find my keys!” Perhaps more specific - “We are moving and have lived here for 30+ years - we have to clean out.” It can even be somewhere in the middle “I want to have a place to keep all of my yoga things together.”  Set your goal. Write it down. Remember your goal. Continuously remind yourself of your goal and why you have set out to organize. Let it drive your motivation especially when you start to feel stuck.

Set a clear goal to support you in getting organized!