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Best Organizing Tips: #5


Over the next 10 posts - Simplify with Shannon will reveal the Top 10 Tips for Getting Yourself Organized. Some of them will be tangible, some will be tips for setting the right mindset when it comes to organizing.  Before we move on to Tip #5 - heres a little review!

  1. Clear your mind.
  2. Have a goal.
  3. One space at a time.
  4. Prioritize.

Next up!

Tip #5: Don’t organize when frustrated.

Have you ever been frustrated with your mess and you start to organize, or more likely, just start throwing things out and moving things around? Later comes, and you can’t find anything and you realize you may have thrown out something important. This is what can happen when we organized because we are frustrated.

Let yourself get frustrated, it is good motivation to clean your space. I wouldn’t recommend organizing at the time of the frustration. When you start to organize because of frustration, you may start piling things and moving them somewhere not in your way, or even throwing things out because they are in your way. Take that frustration, let it motivate you. Calm your frustrations. Then make a plan to get organized. Start with the space that you were frustrated with in the first place. It is a great way to start your organizing project.

Get frustrated. Use it. Find calm. And then tackle your projects!