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Best Organizing Tips: #8


Over the next 10 posts - Simplify with Shannon will reveal the Top 10 Tips for Getting Yourself Organized. Some of them will be tangible, some will be tips for setting the right mindset when it comes to organizing.  Before we move on to Tip #8 - heres a little review!

  1. Clear your mind.
  2. Have a goal.
  3. One space at a time.
  4. Prioritize.
  5. Don't organize when frustrated.
  6. Clear the space completely.
  7. Be realistic.

Next up!

Tip #8: Stay focused on the goal.

Staying focused on your goal can help you get through the steps on cleaning out and organizing. Any time you get stuck, come back to your goal, your purpose. When you start your process for the day, remind yourself of it. When you can’t decide what to keep or what to get rid of, come back to it. Let your goal guide your decisions. Let it inspire you as you organize. Let it drive you.

Stay focused. Remember your goal.