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Best Organizing Tips: #9

Over the next 10 posts - Simplify with Shannon will reveal the Top 10 Tips for Getting Yourself Organized. Some of them will be tangible, some will be tips for setting the right mindset when it comes to organizing.  Before we move on to Tip #9 - heres a little review!

  1. Clear your mind.

  2. Have a goal.

  3. One space at a time.

  4. Prioritize.

  5. Don't organize when frustrated.

  6. Clear the space completely.

  7. Be realistic.

  8. Stay focused on your goal.

Next up!

Tip #9: Let things go.

It’s okay to let things go. It can be hard, but decluttering and cleaning out are not meant to be easy. Organizing is a process. Some things we keep, some we don’t. Use your goal, clear you mind, and let it go. It can be difficult to let certain things go and that’s okay. Declutter and go through your items. When you finish - do it again. You’ll notice, the more frequently you go through your belongings, the “easier” it gets to let things go and keep only what you want. It also lets you see how much you really have and knowing how much you can realistically keep in the space that you have.

It’s okay to let things go. Throw it away. Donate it. Or reuse it for something else.

Clear your mind. Process. Let it go.