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Get Color Coordinated! In Your Home!

Recently, I started color coordinating my clothes. You are probably thinking one of two things:

  1. She’s a professional organizer and she JUST started color coordinating her clothes, isn’t that what those people do!
  2. Who has time to color coordinate their clothes, that’s just plain crazy.

Let me tell you, it is easily one of the simplest productivity tools you can have in your home. Yes, it is about productivity, and of course it looks nice too! Think about it for a moment. You know what shirt or pants you want to wear, now you have to find something that matches, and you probably have a color option in mind. Wouldn’t it be so much simpler if all of your same colored shirts or pants are right next to each other? You wouldn’t have to think “I just need a white shirt! It’s in here somewhere, I know it!” When we put all the same color clothes together, they pop out faster because there is a section of that color. It’s less stressful to your eyes, and it’s easier to find.

Tips for color coordinating your clothes:

  • Take everything out, sort and organize outside of your space first
  • Decide how you want the colors to be, do you want a rainbow? Or put your most used colors towards the front?
  • Patterns: should there be a patterned section or will you pick the primary color and put it with those?


Drawers and Wardrobes

(wardrobe means a space where you have to stack clothes, you can’t hang them up and there are no drawers)


You can still color coordinate the drawers and wardrobe - just be mindful and assess the space. For the drawers, you can roll the clothes and have a piece of each item visible when you open the drawer. In a wardrobe, it can get a little more tricky. Sort and organize your clothes by color and then stack similar colors on top of each other.

Surprise bonus: Once you color coordinated, you realize you have 10 white tank tops of mostly the same style - do you need that? Time to donate!

Good luck!