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Defining Your Success: NAPO2018 Conference

I returned from the NAPO2018 conference in Chicago about a month ago, and it’s been a crazy month! It always takes some time to absorb everything that I learn at conference, and I dove right back into my work when my plane landed back in NY. I learned great tips about marketing, leadership, multitasking, and more; plus was able to connect with organizers from all over the country. The most valuable thing - personally and professionally - I took away from conference came from a session on experiential workshops. The presenter was teaching us how to teach experiential workshops, while at the same time, running an experiential workshop for us. In the session, we focused on creating our success formula through setting goals and priorities. You might think this could be a “duh” moment, but have you actually sat down, written down your commitments, responsibilities, business goals, personal goals, fitness goals, etc. Have you written it all down in one place and really examined what you wrote? Have you then realized that there is not enough time in the day to get all of that done, and eat, and sleep restfully?

When you have clear goals, clear focus, clear priorities, it makes it easier to get it all done. Yes, there are things you might have to give up; but you also start to notice what you truly spend your time doing. You start to figure out a way to plan your time to get it all done, including getting enough sleep and eating, and resting.

We have about 80 hours of “free” time every week when we take out sleeping and eating. How do we truly want to be spending that time? Don’t feel overwhelmed by thinking about this, or thinking that you have to plan every minute of every day. Think about your life, your passions, your work, and you can find time for all of the things that matter to you. By breaking down these “free” hours we have in our week - ex. Exercise 1 hour a day = 7 hours per week - we can begin to build our formula for our success.

My formula includes my commitments, passions, work, and rest. It focuses time on working with organizing clients, exercising, volunteering, working on my business, teaching yoga, studying French, learning, and reading or watching TV.

What’s the point of this?

First, as a professional organizer and productivity specialist, I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed by schedules or getting it all done. I want to help you find ways to be more organized and focused in your goals, therefore allowing yourself to be more organized and focused in your days and time. Release the stress from your life and define what your success looks like.

Take Action

Take 30 minutes. Write down everything that you do, and everything that you want to do. Create YOUR success.

If you need guidance or still aren’t sure where to start - that’s what I’m here for! Email or reach out on the contact page to set up an appointment.