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Holistic Organizing

Holistic organizing - what does that mean! Let’s take a step back before we get into that. Organizing can be an extremely stressful and bring up a lot of emotions. Especially as we sort items that hold more emotions; or we are trying to dispose or declutter some of our items to make more space. This process can bring up a lot of emotions, and create more stress in our quest to be less stressed. That’s where we can take a more mindful, holistic approach to organizing. We are very conscious and aware as we start to clean out, but there are ways we can create a calm, less stressful environment as we organize.

How can we do that?

There are a number of ways to create this atmosphere in your home as you organize.

Diffuse essential oils.

Essential oils can encourage feelings of ease and lessen feelings of tension. You can diffuse them in the home as a whole, or in the room you are working in. If you need a little uplift and energizing space - use a citrus oil. If you are looking for a something more grounding and centering, try a blend that contains warm, woody aromas.

Inhale essential oils.

Sometimes, the diffusion of the oils can be overwhelming for some of us. That’s okay. Keep a bottle nearby and when you need a break, let one drop of the oil come into your palms and rub the hands together - then take a deep inhale and let the breath go.

Practice breathing techniques.

Practice breathing exercises can have a variety of benefits for the body as a whole, but it also helps us to calm the body. Have you ever been really stressed, angry, or frustrated, and then you instinctively take that deep inhale in and sigh it out and you feel a release almost immediately. Practicing breathing techniques as we organize and declutter can help to increase your energy to keep moving forward, it slows your heart rate, and helps to reduce anxiety.

Do some yoga.

When we organize our space, we tend to be either stuck in one spot, moving around, or standing on our feet for long periods of time. All of these things can have a stressful effect on our bodies. Stop and take mini breaks, stretch it out, twist, bend, and move the blood flow in a mindful way.

Bring some more mindfulness into your organizing projects, find a little more ease as you go through the process, and take it one step at a time.

  (Important note about essential oils: Know the oils you are using, I don’t recommend picking up oils at the grocery store or another store. Different brands source their oils in different ways and there is only one company that I trust and would recommend - doTERRA essential oils. If you have any questions about doTERRA or essential oils in general, please connect with me - I’d be happy to talk more about them and how they can help!)

Shannon is a RYT-200 Registered Yoga Teacher and Wellness Advocate with doTERRA essential oils. For more questions about yoga, essential oils, and organizing, connect with her today!