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Setting Goals in the New Year

It can be easy to go about our days just moving through the motions without having a clear picture of our goals and priorities. We know we have things we are working towards but we can get stuck in the routine of our days. Taking the time to think about your goals, priorities, and even how much time you truly have, is crucial to set solid, realistic goals. If I don’t have goals that come straight to mind, how do I know how to set my goals?

First, make of list of all of the things you do throughout your days, and all of the things you WANT to do but maybe haven’t done it yet. This list should feel like a complete brain dump of information. Try not to think too hard about it, just write what comes out as you think about your days.

Are there things on your list that you are completely satisfied with, are there things that you want to build or do more around? Once you have the list, take the time and think about each item on the list.

Prioritize. What on your list is most important to you? Does any of it have a deadline? Can some of them be broken up into multiple pieces? Is there anything that you can let go of from your list?

How does this list help you create goals for your year?

You can’t set goals without knowing where you already stand or see how things are right now. Once you have a clear picture of what you currently have on your plate or on your mind that you want to do you can start to make positive changes. You can set goals to start the things you’ve wanted to and to build the things you already have.

Break your goals down into manageable pieces. Set deadlines for yourself so you can truly see them through and hold yourself accountable. Dream big and take it step by step.