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Setting Your Space

Setting up your space, whether it’s your room, your office, anything, should take time and thought to set it for you and your life. We won’t always get it right the first time, but we will move things around, add things, and take things away, as we set our most useful, productive, and calm space. We don’t want to become overwhelmed by our spaces, we want them to be places where we are comfortable and breathe easy. How do we go about doing that? What do we need to ask as we set our space? What purpose does this space serve? What do I want it to serve?

How do I envision the space to look and feel?

What do I need to have this space?

What do I want to have in this space?

How do I want this space to feel?

Ask yourself these questions as you set the vision for your space. Don’t rush the process and try to avoid buying something you think will work there because it looks functional. Yes, maybe it does work, but envision the space first, set goals and priorities and then create it from there.

Our spaces can very easily get cluttered or feel overwhelming without much effort. When our spaces feel cluttered, we feel stressed. If we feel stressed by our spaces, anything and everything can feel stressful more quickly. Let’s set ourselves up for success and start setting our physical spaces to clear our mental spaces.

Start setting your space, envision how you want it to feel, and then start decluttering and organizing it. Release the stress and clutter from your space and your life.

Happy organizing!