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The Heaviness of Our “Stuff”

Have you ever had the feeling that your things are weighing you down? I mean physically, your stuff makes your body feel heavy or stressed or anxious. If you’ve felt this, you are definitely not alone. This doesn’t mean that you have a lot of “stuff” or even that your spaces are cluttered. It could mean that you feel that your things do serve a purpose and when you see things, it causes you more stress.

So what do we do about this heaviness? I recommend to my clients and people I talk to to not organize when you are angry or upset, meaning don’t try to clean out when your emotions are heightened, no matter what the direction. I want you to remember the heaviness your clutter has on you when you organize. Be in a good place - not too upset or angry - when you clear out. When you find yourself having trouble deciding what to do with your things or what to get rid of - come back to that feeling of heaviness, if just for a moment, to remember why you started your clearing out in the first place.

Don’t let the physical things you have feel like a burden or a weight - clear it out, make space to feel lighter. You are not alone in feeling like your things create a burden - so take it slow and move one space at a time, clear out what doesn’t make you happy and make space for the things that do.