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Organizing Your Closet

The closet (or wherever you store your clothes), has to work for you and your life. Your closet also has to work for how you think about getting dressed and picking outfits in order to make it the most efficient and effective process. So, how do you know what that is? You need to ask yourself a few questions to help get you started, and sometimes, it might be a trial and error to see what your preferences are.

Do you like your clothes folded or hung up?

Do you prefer to see your clothes in one way over the other? Do you have a mix depending on the type of clothing? Take a look at how your clothes are now, notice how you feel about how it is set up. Do you feel like its more organized or easy to find one way or another? 


  • Fold all of your clothes, or hang all of your clothes

  • Split it up, some clothes are folded in drawers, and others are in your closet

  • When folding, fold in a way that you can see everything when you open the closet or drawer

  • In the closet, use thin, grippy, hangers so your clothes don’t fall off the hanger, and you have more space

Do you think in color or style?

When choosing your outfit for the day, do you plan based on the color of it or the color you want to wear that day? Maybe you choose your pants and needs a matching color for them, or the other way around. Are you looking for a particular style - i.e. short sleeve, tank top, blouse, etc.?


  • Color coordinate your clothes (see old blog post here)

  • Organize your clothes by style - i.e. hang your clothes by sleeve length

What kind of clothing do you wear the most? Is there a difference in your wardrobe?

Do you have a lot of dresses? Pants? Workout clothes? Do you have a lot more of one type than the other, or is the majority of your wardrobe one style? Do you like being able to go to one place to get everything, or do you want it separated?


  • Put all of your workout clothes together (or pants, dresses, etc.)

  • Mix everything up and organize by color or style

  • Organize by outfits (this is how I pack for travel!)

Do you currently have enough space to fit all of your clothes?

The most important and necessary part of getting organized is that you have enough space, and breathing room in that space. See how everything fits and is organized now. Is the space overflowing or is there plenty of room? If it’s overflowing, it’s time to declutter and clear out some of the things you don’t use anymore. Come back next month for tips on how to clean out the closet!

A lot of organizing is determined by how we think. We all think differently and in a different logic. The way I would categorize one thing, may not be how you would do it. Taking the time to ask questions and understand these things helps you tremendously to organize your space, and more likely that you’ll find success in the spaces you organize. Sometimes, it may be trial and error, you don’t really know how you would think about that, so try one way for awhile and see how it goes!

Need help with this process? That’s what I’m here for! Reach out today.

Shannon Reilly