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Organizing Services

organizing services

The secret to successful decluttering is this: You will never get organized if you don’t have a vision for the life you want.
— Peter Walsh


Simplify with Shannon is here to help you release stress and clutter from your life. We tackle all things getting organized and being more productive-from paper management to downsizing to chronic disorganization. Getting organized is personal; we all have different habits, we think differently, we see differently. All of this comes in to play when we are looking to get organized. Let’s work together to find the best organization solutions for you and your family.

General organizing

Anything you need organized: closets, offices, kitchens, and beyond. Where are you struggling to find an organization system to work for you?

Holistic organizing

Holistic Organizing is a mindful way to organize your space. It incorporates breathing techniques, yoga, meditation, and the use of essential oils. It not only clears your space of the physical items, but it can help soothe the stress and tension that comes along with decluttering and discarding your items. Learn more about wellness and holistic organizing here.

time management

Need help finding the best way to manage your time? Do you feel like you have a million things going on but don’t have a good system to keep track?

Chronic Disorganization

Do you feel like you can never get organized no matter how hard you try? It’s okay. There are many reasons that can impact our ability to get and stay organized. I can work with you to find strategies to work through the clutter.

digital organizing

Are your digital files stressing you out? Do you struggle with figuring out where to save things, or what to save? Is your email inbox overflowing? Digital organizing is much like organizing physical things-having a system and a habit about where to put things.


Learn more about coaching here.

Paper Management

Paper management is all about creating a system and building a habit. Systems can be anything that works for you and your space-color coordinated, subject area, year, etc. Together, we will determine the best system for you, set it up, and get organized.


Have the desire and want to get organized but are having trouble visualizing your space? Know you can do it on your own but need help getting your project started? I can help you get started, create the plan, and find the solutions for you and your needs.


Are you moving or planning to move? Looking to downsize but don’t know where to begin to clear out? I can help you move through the process of clearing out your space as you prepare to downsize.


Are you ready to get started?